Build a 5 Figure a Month Marketing Business with a White Label Solution

Unlock the Secret to Building a Profitable 5-Figure-a-Month Marketing Business with a White Label Solution

Starting a marketing agency without a white label solution can still be  a lucrative business venture, but it can also be a challenging one. With the rise of technology, the marketing landscape is constantly evolving, and the need to keep up with the latest trends and tools. However, with the right strategy, it’s possible to build a successful agency that generates 5 figures a month. But you must think outside of the box.


What do I mean by outside of the box thinking.

While most digital and marketing agencies are constantly pursuing new clients each month and spending significant time trying to persuade them to invest £1000 or more, you can try something different.

As we face a cost of living crisis, many companies are cutting back on their marketing spend and attempting to handle it in-house. While we as agencies know this can be a mistake, it can be challenging to convey that to them.

Consider what you can do going forwards that sets you apart from others, and what will make you unique. In my case, I wanted to offer a retainer-based service that was essential and could never be without. I needed something that was lower in cost than my typical services, made my work easier, and didn’t devalue the rest of my services.


One of the most effective strategies is to leverage the power of white label solution such as CRM..

I started my marketing agency with the goal of providing all the typical services – SEO, email marketing, website design, blog writing, and social media. Initially, my focus was on helping clients generate leads, but I soon discovered a gap in my process. I wasn’t able to identify how clients were losing leads, and I struggled to determine what was going wrong. It wasn’t until I incorporated a White Label CRM system into my offerings that I was finally able to see the full picture.

The CRM allowed me to track a client’s conversion rate from marketing to sale, providing the insights I needed to make changes and improvements. With this tool, I could identify where clients were losing leads and adjust my marketing strategy to help them convert more effectively.

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What is white label.

Think of white label products as your own ‘store brand’ or ‘private label’ products. Just like your favourite supermarket might sell their own brand of cereal or snack, which are made by the same company that produces the branded items, you can sell your own brand of products and services without having to create them from scratch.

White label products can be especially useful for digital and marketing agencies as they allow you to use and offer third-party apps, such as email marketing software, CRM, ad management, and social media scheduling tools. Instead of paying monthly for these apps, you can brand them and offer them to your clients at a charge.

White label products and services are an excellent way to expand your offerings and provide more value to your clients. So don’t be intimidated by the term ‘white label’ – it’s simply another way to make your business more successful!


Benefits of Using a White label solution product for Your Marketing Agency:

Marketing agencies are constantly juggling a variety of tasks and clients, all while trying to find new business. Let’s be honest, it can be exhausting, but highly rewarding when done right. However, doing it right takes time. There’s marketing, sales, onboarding, client development, product implementation, and development, all while making sure the client is happy even when things aren’t going well. And yet, clients may still leave when they can no longer continue for financial or personal reasons or when you’ve delivered what you promised.

A CRM like Go High Level, which can be branded with your own name, is something that everyone needs, although they may not know it yet. Go High Level is one of the best white label products we’ve come across, heavily focused on development for both you as the agency and the end user.

Once your client is onboard and using the software daily, it quickly becomes the one thing they can’t live without. It holds their contacts, conversations, marketing models, and email workflows. It has such as massively positive impact that to cancel would harm their business. Suddenly, your average lifespan of a client goes from 6 months to many years. And because you can charge less, it’s easier to get more people signed up.


How to get to 5 figures a month.

My white label solution is Go High Level, and I love what it does for my clients. I offer two services: a DIY service where customers can get the software and use it on their own, with my online support. I charge £97 per month for this service, and to earn 5 figures a month, it’s simple math. £10,000 divided by 93 is 104 customers. While that may sound like a lot, if I break it down over 12 months, I’m only looking to bring on 8 customers a month, or 2 a week to make a 5 figure a month business within 12 months. That is manageable.


My second service is a Done-For-You service where we provide Go High Level under our own brand name and run our clients’ marketing campaigns through the software. Some clients are paying over £1000 per month for this service. This is in addition to the £10,000 I earn from the white label CRM.”

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Q: Can anyone start a marketing agency using a white label solution?

A: Yes, anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for marketing can start a marketing agency using a white label product such as Go High Level CRM. However, it’s essential to have some basic knowledge of marketing and sales, as well as a strong understanding of the software solution you plan to offer. Go High Level provides extensive video tutorials, and their customer support team is available to answer any questions before and after signing up.


Q: How much does it cost to start a marketing agency with a white label solution?

A: The cost of starting a marketing agency will vary depending on how quickly you want to get started and the white label software you choose to use. Go High Level is available for £297per month, all-inclusive, meaning you can have as many clients as you need without incurring any additional charges. The only extras are emails and texts, which, like Mailchimp and Hubspot, can be rebilled to the client. You can also scale up to White Label SaaS, but it’s best to take baby steps first.


Q: What kind of training and support is available for White Label solutions?

A: The level of training and support available for a White Label product will vary depending on the vendor. Some vendors may offer training sessions, online tutorials, and technical support, while others may provide limited support. Before choosing which vendor to go with, it’s essential to research the support options available. For example, Go High Level provides comprehensive training materials to help users quickly learn and develop on their software. Additionally, their customer support team is always available to provide further assistance.


Q: Is it necessary to have prior marketing experience before starting a marketing agency?

A: Having prior marketing experience can be helpful, but it is not essential to start a marketing agency, especially when using a White Label product. It is in the vendor’s interest to ensure that you succeed, so they will do all they can to assist you. However, it’s essential to have a basic understanding of marketing concepts and strategies, as well as the software solution you plan to offer. You can find a wealth of information from blogging sites, YouTube, and networking events with other companies. These days, nothing is off-limits.


Q: What are the risks involved in starting a marketing agency with White Label products?

A: The primary risk involved in starting a marketing agency with White Label products is choosing a solution that doesn’t meet your needs or deliver the results you expect. It’s essential to conduct thorough research on the solution and vendor before making a decision, and have a backup plan in case things don’t work out. Another risk to consider is financial. Some White Label products can be expensive to onboard, so if they don’t work for your business, it can result in a significant loss of money.


Q: How do I market and promote my marketing agency?

A: Marketing and promoting your marketing agency will require a combination of traditional and digital marketing strategies. Consider attending industry events and networking with other professionals, creating a robust social media presence, and investing in targeted online advertising. Additionally, you can leverage the features and tools provided by your White Label product, such as email marketing and lead generation, to help generate leads and grow your client base. It’s important to develop a solid marketing plan and continually evaluate and adjust your approach to ensure your efforts are effective.


Final Thoughts

Building a successful marketing agency that generates 5 figures a month is challenging, but it’s possible with the right strategy. While having previous experience running a marketing agency can be an advantage, it’s not necessary.

If you want to try my way, start by grabbing the free trial of Go High Level and learning the basics. Then, aim to find three clients at £97 each before the trial ends, so they pay for the monthly payment. This approach can be a win-win for both you and your clients, allowing you to generate revenue and providing them with valuable services. From there, you can continue to grow your client base and expand your offerings.


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