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Some of the knowledge I share.

Why me...

Hey, I’m Chris Edwards, a marketing professional with a passion for both the art of filmmaking and the intricacies of digital marketing. Originally hailing from a quaint town in Shropshire, I left for the streets of London in pursuit of a career in the film industry, where I found my niche in film editing.

After a few years of the London struggle I transitioned to Leeds to join ITV. However, it wasn’t long I ventured into the realm of digital marketing, where I feel I was always meant to be. With a keen eye for innovation and a flair for creativity, I founded my own digital marketing agency, specialising initially in video production and animation before expanding to encompass a comprehensive suite of digital marketing services.

Now, with over two decades of hands-on experience under my belt, I’ve has evolved into a seasoned marketing professional with a proven track record of success. My expertise spans across various facets of digital marketing, with a particular emphasis on CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Through years of dedicated practice, I’ve also mastered Email Marketing, Social Media Management, Facebook Ads, Automation, AI integration, and lead generation strategies, all that I’ll be passing onto you.

My heart lies in helping everyone but particularly small businesses, because amongst my professional endeavors, I’ve faced personal challenges that have shaped my outlook on life and business. Over the past five years, I’ve had to navigate the demanding landscape of entrepreneurship while undergoing multiple IVF cycles. Balancing the responsibilities of running a business with the emotional and logistical demands of IVF treatments in both London and Greece. Despite the financial strain of investing over £70K into IVF treatments while managing a small business, I’ve persevered, emerging stronger and more profitable because of the sales and marketing strategies that I’ve put in place, and I’m going to teach you how to do the same.