Lead Generation: How to get passed £10K per month

Find your own leads with ease

Struggling to navigate the complexities of the business landscape? Facebook feels like a maze, LinkedIn seems rigid, your website resembles a labyrinth, and as for your marketing strategy-what strategy? If you yearn for simplicity, automated processes, and sales funnels overflowing with qualified leads, it’s time to unlock the potential of Pipeline Power!

This download is your tactical guide to constructing an automated marketing engine that propels explosive sales growth from leads coming in to converting them to paying clients.

Part one, today’s download, is all about the considerations of lead generation such as what tools to use, and the theory behind your sales and marketing funnels. Grab it, read it and learn it as I continue to write part 2 which will be automatically emailed to you when complete. Part 2 will focus on how to set up the tools and get leads moving.


Part one is not missable.

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achieving a steady five-figure income each month or reaching your next five-figure a month milestone within a year

Let’s be clear, this isn’t a shortcut to instant riches; there are no magic fixes here. Success demands time, effort, and perhaps a modest investment. Business is no walk in the park; if it were, everyone would be doing it. However, with over 15 years of marketing wisdom packed into these pages, you’ll gain the tools and tactics to transform your efforts into a lead-generating powerhouse.

Pipeline Power isn’t a collection of theoretical musings; it’s a battle-tested manual born from the crucible of real-world campaigns. Each strategy, tip, and tool recommendation has been sharpened to perfection through the crucible of numerous successful client engagements.


This book is your roadmap to achieving a steady five-figure income each month or reaching your next five-figure milestone within a year. Picture sustainable income, dependable sales, all while efficiently managing your business and serving your clients.

Consider this part one—an essential guide to grasp what needs to be done and contemplated before we delve into the ‘how’ in part two. Get ready to transform your approach and unleash the power of your marketing pipeline!

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