Take your website forms to the next level with easy to use smart forms.

Making forms simple and streamlined

Forms don’t have to be cumbersome and off putting, instead use forms that can auto-populate content and drive conversions.

Marketing Botics CRM smart forms increase the accuracy of the data you receive

Marketing Botics CRM smart forms use conditional logic, real-time validation, and dynamic content to improve and increase conversations. Each from can easily be tailored to adapt to the user’s input, showing or hiding fields based on how previous questions are answered.

This means that users only see relevant questions and are not overwhelmed with unnecessary fields, making the form-filling process quicker and more user-friendly. The forms ability to adapt also makes it feel interactive, helping the user feel in control, listened to, and gives you the data that you need.

Be Intelligent With Smart Forms

Collect more of the right data intelligently. Smart forms can help to improve the efficiency and accuracy of data collection by only displaying relevant fields or questions to the user.