The Sales Accelerator is not another elusive system that demands thousands of pounds. Instead, it’s an invaluable strategy, coached by us, that educates you on the art of running your sales and marketing operations with precision and effectiveness. Over the course of several months, we provide expert guidance to help you establish and optimise essential components such as your website, sales funnels, social media presence, communication tools, forms, landing pages, online courses, e-commerce setup, and more. It encompasses everything necessary to elevate your business, mirroring the success of numerous other businesses in the UK.

We also give you the tools to do everything we teach, everything listed above with free access to our own CRM, Sales Ember. So instead of paying thousands on a website that doesn’t convert, hundreds on Facebook Ads that do nothing, and a time on a funnel that loses people, you can have, learn and expand for a faction of the cost.

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The Sales Accelerator is far from being a flashy course promising overnight millionaire status – we believe in honesty above all. We won’t mislead you with extravagant claims. Instead, what this course offers is a valuable lesson in establishing a robust long-term infrastructure for your business. It empowers you to generate leads consistently, even beyond the course duration.

Whether you’re new to the business world or have an established presence, this course is designed to propel you forward. For those starting out, it can catapult you beyond the £10k per month mark. If you’re already established, it provides the tools to effortlessly double your leads. We’re here to equip you with practical skills, tools and knowledge for sustained success. It just happens that this course can also make your business highly profitable and you financially stable.

'You can achieve big things with small steps when you know what to do'.

Sales Accelerator Plan

Includes Sales Ember
£ 457 Monthly
  • Everything in the Sales Ember
  • Everything in the Prosperity Pro Plan
  • Two 2 Hour Onboarding 1-2-1 Zoom Call to Get You Set Up.
  • 3 hours of 1-2-1 Support Per Month
  • Support Documents to Support Accountability

Stop Wasting time & money on Chances. Get to tools, guidance and support to get to £10k yourself.

Let's speak!

We’re not the type of agency to just take your money and promise things that can never happen. So let’s speak and make sure that we both work for each other and explain how we’ll go about doing what we say.