How to get more clients within the next 60 days

After working with many coaching businesses, helping them to gain more clients and keep them for longer with the right marketing strategies and tools I've decided to open the door to more business coaches to help them do the same.

Join the waiting list to secure a place in the upcoming free webinar. We like to keep our webinar classes small for greater interaction. All my knowledge is given away for free in this webinar.

In the webinar, we'll go through the 5 things that you need to be doing to make an immediate difference to your lead generation and tools you should be using to do so. I don't hold back. Having taken business coaches from just a few clients to working with hundreds of new clients each and every month via online collaborative groups, or dozens of high paying clients; I can show you how to do the same. My passion is giving advice, advice that I know works and I get paid by offering the tools that you can use. But should you already have your own marketing tools, that's great you can continue to use those.

Some of the knowledge I share.

Can't wait for the webinar

If you’re ready to jump start those 60 days and find those new clients now, take a look at our CRM and Marketing Tool ‘Sales Ember’.

If you want to take out a 14 day free trail and get the system up and running, jump in quick zoom call with me and i’ll run you through how it works and the strategy to get and keep those clients.