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Our online course walking you through each aspect of Highlevel

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Not just online videos, but a series of chapters that cover each section of Highlevel to help you develop across the platform

GoHighLevel Unleashed is exactly what it says; it’s for you to unleash your HighLevel learning and take your skills to the next level.

I’m Chris Edwards. I’ve been in digital marketing for around 15 years and have been using HighLevel for a little under 4 years. I took the exam to become certified early in 2024. For me, HighLevel is one of the greatest platforms for companies and agencies to build their businesses using all the marketing tools they could possibly need.

Though I white label HighLevel and have a large number of customers using my white label version, I’m a techie and a consultant at heart. I love breaking down the software and helping others understand how they can use it better, and that’s why I’ve created GoHighLevel Unleashed.

Here’s full transparency: GoHighLevel Unleashed is new. Launched mid-May, it currently has a handful of chapters, covering how to set up contacts, including setting custom fields, to building website forms, setting up calendars, and building automated workflows.

More and more chapters are coming every few days, and because it’s still in the building phase, anyone who joins now gets it completely free. 

There are currently no upsell or restricted content behind paywalls, you will get the full course as it stands now, and every video that goes into it. I plan in all, to have several dozen chapters covering everything and anything that HighLevel does.

In the Course

  • Overview of Contacts
  • Creating and updating contact fields in contact
  • Creating and Manageing Smart Lists
  • Creating Tags in the Setting Area
  • Setting template emails in the contact area for quick emails
  • Using top bar buttons in contacts
  • Getting started building a form
  • Creating and adding additional questions, custom fields
  • Tidying the layout of the form
  • Styling the form
  • Breaking down the different types of custom fields
  • Conditional logic
    Adding form to a wordpress website
  • Building the email automation from a web form
  • Adding additonal elements to the automation
  • Workflow settings
  • Email Campaigns Overview
  • Creating an Email Template
  • Creating a email campaign
  • Scheduling your email campaign
  • Triggers in email campaigns
  • Triggers link follow up automation (simple)
  • Triggers link follow up automation (multiple)
  • Unsubscribe and verification settings for email campaigns
  • Setting Email Domain
  • Email campaign statistics
  • Overview of the social media platform and setting up accounts
  • Creating a Post
  • Posting Reels
  • Autoposting Google reviews
  • Overall view of the calendar area and settings
  • Setting up a Simple Calendar
  • Setting up a Round Robin Calendar
  • Creating Calendar Groups
  • Overview of types of calendars
  • Connecting Zoom
  • Connecting Outlook calendar
  • Connecting Google Calendar
  • Branded domain for calendars
  • Automated workflows for calendars
  • Reschedule meeting – automated workflows for calendars
  • Avoiding spam filters with your calendar workflow emails

Youtube Videos

The Sales & Marketing CRM Platform for Agencies being used by businesses.

Although Highlevel was created for agencies and is still used by thousands to white label their marketing services and tools for resale, it's also widely used by businesses of all types. If you're a business, the unlimited plan is for you. If you're a solo entrepreneur, jump on the starter plan. More information can be found in our course. Try it for 5 days. If it's not for you, at least you've seen what's inside. If you forget to cancel, I'll refund you for up to 14 days afterward."

Not Using HighLevel

If you’re using Hubspot, Mailchimp, Skool, Kajabi, Hootsuite, Keep, or PipeDrive, then you’re about to discover that you’re wasting time and money.

Seriously, Highlevel is that good, and it has everything in one place.

Head over to my course, take the 5-day trial, and check out some of the introduction videos. You’ll be amazed at what it can do.

How Does HighLevel Help?

Everything you need to grow your business in one place

Sales & CRM

Effortlessly manage your prospects and customers with our powerful platform.

Visualise your sales pipeline and identify hot leads at a glance, saving you time and energy. Stay on top of your business and invest your resources where they matter most.


Revolutionise your marketing strategy without breaking the bank.

Within the HighLevel platform you can run all your social media and email marketing campaigns with little effort..

Membership Sites

Want to run anf gain an income from courses. No Problem.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, HighLevel makes it easy for you to create courses, make them live and then make money from them. 

And so much more…

The future of your agency

CRM systems are set to grow over the next few years and if you’re not offering a system for your clients, both you and your clients are missing out on a lot of profit. Many SaaS products such as Mailchimp and Active Campaign are entering the CRM marketing from being just an email client, but where they and many others fall down, and where Go High level succeeds is the all in one CRM, sales and marketing tool. No more jumping around systems to get your marketing to do what you need it to.